Circular Economy and its application in ICT

Looking for the new paradigm of productivity for the Industrial Revolution 4.0

It is something that is known by everyone of us, and it is a topic in which (almost) all the people agree: we are running out of resources. More precisely, the human being is depleting the nature resources. A new approach is needed, even more when the the fourth industrial revolution is just around the corner.

The Circular Economy provides a new way of acting. The basis is as Charlotte Trueman said:

The resources which enter in the economy should last as part of it for as long as possible

Charlotte Trueman, 2019

Following this Circular Economy principle, many positive outcomes are generated:

Preserve the environment

As less resources are used, the environment is getting freed from exhausting.

Stop pollution

Not excess in production, no extra-pollution.

Increase benefits

Designing the products in a way that can be reused in the future, allows increasing the economical benefits straight forward.

Thanks to these a sustainable development might be achieved.

So, how are IT and Circular Economy related? Software development is not out of this topic, and many benefits can be obtained from re-focusing the project with Circular Economy principle.

  • Improving the efficiency.
  • Guarantee sustainability of the process.
  • Find more intelligent solutions.

The Open Source Software Development is an example of this way of doing.

Open Source benefits:

  • Accesible
  • Decentralized
  • Collaborative
  • Cheaper
  • Flexible
  • Long lasting

As saw, other way of producing is possible. It is in our hands to change our perspective and begin respecting the available resources. And we, as IT professionals, are not out of this topic. Let’s contribute to it!

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