Connessione Talent (Digital Leader – part 1/4)

Organizations in the digital world will focus on giving better & faster services and products. For instance, launching the latest smart watch-phone, or a new cyber security bank service, or the latest battery for electric cars or whatever.  That’s why in the future you will work in a network-like model where you can move faster and solve all kinds of problems interconnecting with whatever you need.  

Organizations with the top-down model will not work anymore. If you want to survive in a competitive working environment, you, your teams and your organization will have to function in a network model.

Do you make your own network?

  • If you are a digital leader you will be a node in the network but not just any node. You will design your network according to the vision, mission and values of your organization and your own work objectives.
  • You will create your own network. You will have the ability to make suitable connections. You will connect ideas with people, people with people, things with things, clients with solutions and so on.

If you own this talent it means that you do not follow “mechanistic” thinking where one step follows the next in order to solve a problem or face a challenge. If you own this talent you own systems thinking. You can see the big picture because you have a bird’s-eye view.


Antonio de Amescua


Amescua, Antonio (2016). “Becoming a Digital Leader”, in The Software Architect Code: Building the Digital World [MOOC]. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Retrieved from

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