If we back to 20 years ago, we can’t barely imagine that 20 years later, people can work at home, people can make a video call anytime at anywhere, everything is connected through the Internet. Now you see, that’s how technology change us, for the next 20 years, the only things that limited us, it’s our imagination to the future.

There goes a short glance about the future—-The Future of Work( 7 principles about the future of work).

In the future, people may using VR to work.

But, how can we reach that goal? First of all, we need to know that, the survival of the fittest is not a biological phenomenon, this also apply to the all the industries. Here is some tips about it: How to survive the digital world .

But, the most important thing is people, people with creativity, people who can improve itself continuously. Here is some presentation about the creativity and continuously improvement.

And, that’s all we need? the people with talent, the people who can improve itself? Of course it is not enough, we need a team, not a normal team, we need a high-value team. If we see those top team in the NBA, like Lakers, we will that when they play, they play like a single person. That is a high-value team, we can see a little bit more detalle about high-value team.

Astralis, which is one of the topest team in Counter-Strike( which its a video game). They are famous because of their tacit cooperation.

Right now we got almost everything we need, people, team. As it mentioned, in the future, the Internet, the digital, will play an important role. That means, an application which is robust can have more chance to lead the future. Here are some tips about how to develop a disrupted application—The Magic Potion

Alipay is a famous payment software in China, in nowadays, people can using Alipay to replace the credit card or bus card.

All in all, the fascinating thing about the future is its uncertainty, but still, we can do something to make the uncertainty into the good uncertainty.


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