Hackathon – Powering Genius Business Ideas

Hackathons are events in which groups of people get together and work in a short window of time to develop a business idea. It usually involves developing a prototype of the idea, but you don’t have to be a programmer to take part in a hackathon.

These events attract a diverse set of people and multicultural, multidisciplinary groups are encouraged. Whether you are a graphics designer, a programmer, or a marketing manager, a hackathon could be a great experience for you.

The potential hackathons have is that they are usually set up as competition events, in which different groups develop their ideas and when the time is over, expert judges evaluate them. This aspect of the events boosts creativity and strengthens the risk-taking attitude needed to create a business.

The prize is often not only recognition, but hackathon winners usually get monetary prizes and, in some of the most competitive ones, financial support and funding to further develop the business idea they present.

All these characteristics provide the perfect magic formula needed to create a genius business idea and anyone can work for it.

If you want to take part in a hackathon, you should head to Devpost, where thousands of hackathons are hosted, and look for one near you or online.

Hackathon promotion poster. Kevin Romero.

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