Keys For Developing Disruptive Apps

The Magic Formula

Disruptive applications and ideas emerge in environments with four main key-points:

  • Funding, linked with technological talent.
  • Scientific method applied to the application development.
  • Agile strategies that allow quick feedback.
  • Customer development, that takes into account his opinions, needs and feelings before, during and after the creation of the products.

Finding The Genius

Geniuses do not emerge magically, to become a genius it is necessary to develop a genius culture for them to exists. Some of the genius culture characteristics include:

  1. Grouping, they never arise alone.
  2. Physical activity.
  3. Environment influence.
  4. Thinking outside the box, be capable of changing the usual thinking paths and adapt to new situations.
  5. Continuously look for improvements.

Silicon Valley Geniuses

The great success of Silicon Valley is explained with a combination of the magic formula joint with a genius culture. The use of new and innovative production technologies to develop valuable ideas, designed to fit people needs, resulted in efficient and disrupting technological solutions that have changed the world.

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