Getting to know SCRUM: from basic definition to various applications


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Paula Echeverria Cañas. “I’m currently a student in Management and Technology. A degree in business management combined with a solid technological base, which I’m highly enjoying as in deepens in subjects of my interest such as innovation, entrepreneurship, and marketing. Fields in which I would like to work in the future, especially in multicultural, cooperative environments, where I can develop my interpersonal skills to the maximum”

María Lacasia Artalejo. “I am a positive and a curious person, currently studying Management and Technology. Passionate about marketing, innovation and digital business. In the future, I would love to travel around the world and work in one of these fields. Always ready to learn new things”

Elena Alcaraz Avellaneda. “I am a management and technology student.I am a creative and hard-working person. When I started high school, I realized how much I was interested in business, specifically the area of ​​finance and marketing. I see myself in a few years working in a multinational that gives me the opportunity to travel while working because I really like visiting new places. I will continue larning and training about what I am really passionate about: the business world”

Xana Donazar Garcia. “I’m a Management and Technology student. I love learning new things and I’m interested in the digital business world. I’m not sure where I see myself in a few years, but in the meantime I want to travel, work and have new experiences”

Macarena Herrera Jerez. “I am studying Management and Technology at the moment, which I think is a very enriching degree which enhances working in teams and will be very useful for our future. I’m not sure where I see myself in a few years, but I think somewhere in which I could develop creativity but at the same time involved in the innovation and technology field. Right now, I am keen on traveling because I love getting to know new places and new cultures”


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