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First off, let’s consider the most obvious application that can be found in the SEBoK, which is towards different technical disciplines (engineering in general). SEBoK is useful for engineers in the sense that it tells them what common topics of other disciplines they should know to be able to have a good workflow.

The four disciplines mentioned in SEBoK are:

  • Software Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Speciality Engineering

SE and Software Engineering

Nowadays, most (if not all) of the systems implemented in real-world are dependent on software. Therefore, software should be a discipline that an engineer is really familiar with. With that in mind SEBoK describes the main concepts that are shared by these two disciplines.

SE and Industrial Engineering

First, the most used designs in software, Object-Oriented ones. These are used so that a systems engineer may “translate” their system design to a software one so it can be developed. Also, being familiar with software engineering will allow a systems engineering to have such system constantly updated and ready to be efficiently used, allowing time reduction.Industrial Engineering shares various concepts with SE, such as planning, continuous process improvement, efficient resource allocation, etc. Industrial engineers naturally use systems which make use of both human resources and machines. So, knowing how these two interact with each other enables a system engineer to correctly develop and assess systems which use both of these elements. As the main result clarity, organization, and good use of the resources available is possible.peciality engineering refers to a group of disciplines that contribute to a product or service’s development. It includes security, electromagnetic, environmentl, logistics, etc.


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