The Fourth Industrial Revolution, And Then What?

The fourth industrial revolution era is just beginning with a great potential to change the world, and we, as software architects, are the ones with the power to drive this new time. The proverb says ‘With great power comes great responsibility‘, so what values should drive this huge paradigm change?

What are the threats?

This industrial revolution is changing fast not only people’s lives, routines, consumption patterns, time usage and relationships all around the world but also the labour market. With an uncontrolled expansion, it can easily enlarge inequalities and polarize society. Furthermore, in a digital world, users have less control of their privacy, allowing companies or governments to manage their data, in case it is not controlled, these entities could maliciously use them.

What are the opportunities?

Software architects have the chance to avoid all these threats by designing human-centred solutions that avoid reinforcing discrimination. Created systems should guarantee uses’s privacy and disconnection rights, besides, to break barriers, generating a positive impact in society.


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