The Magic Potion

There are some group aspects that have to be taken into account when talking about success business individuals. This is what Antonio Amescua, Professor of UC3M, calls the Magic Potion.

The magic potion is a group of characteristics that have been proved on different successes, including Art, Science or Engineering. It englobes different aspects of a team group and of a leader, that can generate and stimulate what is needed for a business to grow.

Geniuses do not appear from nowhere. There must be some specific pieces of a big puzzle to be sort of, and Antonio gave 5 keys for it to happen.

Experts pooling

In human history, experts have been grouped in full of talent cities, from the ancient Athens to the newest Silicon Valley hub. This generates a perfect environment for creativity to take off. We need to know that our business/team must be surrounded by other businesses with similar interests. Competition is not always bad, it can stimulate for the better!

Teamwork is a must

No genius has changed the world without partnering and working with other geniuses. If you want to start a company, be careful of who you choose as your partner! They can push you to success, or failure. If you are able to, try to interview your future partners. You might not be the best HR recruiter, but use your gut!

Creativity + Value

Genius is mean to be the creativity that adds value to society. Nowadays, an idea/business is successful when they found how to add value in a society: from an app that helps sharing content to your closest in spite of physical distance (such as Facebook), to detection of cancer on mobile devices (Legit Health). Take a look at the keys to get value from creativity.

Creative environments

As we said in the first issue, a creative environment must be created for geniuses to explode their talent. No regrets between colleages, no underestimate other ideas, no bad felings when a previous decision has developed bad results. Creativity comes from mistakes, too! The long process of a business or product takes different paths, and you will never know what is next. But if you set your environment to be used to changes… that will not harm you at all!

Scientific method + sentiment

Creativity is the result of a reasoning method including the emotions. It is a balance, and we do have to know it. We have to create paths to the products, testing, reinventing… But we have to be in a mood where those things have time for us to be relaxed. Take your time, take care of you and your brain as well. And just a reminder: creativity is also powered by sport activity!


Brilliant people take off when those 5 keys are present. We have to adequate our businesses, or even cities, for us to grow. The hill of disruptive thinking is a tough one, and we have to climb it or we will never success.

Nowadays business world is more competitive than years ago. Every one can start a software business from its home, meaning that there is a need to rush.

Geniuses do not appear magically; they emerge from a combination of knowledge, creativity and follow a concrete culture.

Antonio Amescua

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Data Scientist and UC3M MSc student of Computer Science, passionate about AI, Blockchain, Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation

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